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The Five-Minute Medievalist

Funny, informative, and down-to-earth, this book features thirteen of the most popular articles from's Five-Minute Medievalist, Danièle Cybulskie. Readers will learn about everything from the Templars, to popular movie myths, to love and lust advice from a 12th-century priest. Exclusive content includes two never-before-published articles on quirky medieval words we still use every day, and the surprising sexual secrets of the Middle Ages. Unlock the mysteries of the medieval world, five minutes at a time.


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What Historians Are Saying

A witty and very informative guide to the very best bits of the Middle Ages.
— Dan Jones, New York Times Bestselling author of The Templars
Sure to charm novices and hard-core medievalists alike.
— Nancy Goldstone, author of The Rival Queens
Delicious tidbits about the Middle Ages.
— Joanne Findon, Author of Lady, Hero, Saint
A treasure.
— Peter Konieczny, Editor of Medieval Warfare Magazine

What Readers Are Saying