As a writer, professor, TEDx speaker, and now podcaster, Danièle has been making the Middle Ages fun, entertaining, and accessible for over ten years. She is the author of The Five-Minute Medievalist, which debuted at the top of Amazon’s Canadian charts, and through her featured articles at, as well as those she’s written for several international magazines, Danièle’s work has been read over half a million times, and counting.

Danièle is the creator and host of The Medieval Podcast, a weekly interview show on which she speaks with experts on the Middle Ages on a wide variety of topics. She also currently teaches The Middle Ages and the Modern World: Facts and Fiction, which she co-created for college students across Ontario via OntarioLearn. Her forthcoming book, Life in Medieval Europe: Fact and Fiction, is being published by Pen & Sword History, and will be available in autumn, 2019.

When she’s not reading, writing, or recording, Danièle can be found drinking tea, doing Krav Maga, or sometimes building a backyard trebuchet.