Life in Medieval Europe: Fact and Fiction 

Have you ever found yourself watching a show or reading a novel and wondering what life was really like in the Middle Ages? What did people actually eat? Were they really filthy? And did they ever get to marry for love?

In Life in Medieval Europe: Fact and Fiction, you’ll find fast and fun answers to all your secret questions, from eating and drinking to sex and love. Find out whether people bathed, what they did when they got sick, and what actually happened to people accused of crimes. Learn about medieval table manners, tournaments, and toothpaste, and find out if people really did poop in the moat.


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A lovely, witty treasure trove of a book, spilling over with historical gems. Danièle Cybulskie is an excellent guide to the middle ages, whisking you away on a journey into the distant past and revealing what life was really like for those who had the good - or bad - luck to be born there. Sharp and occasionally pungent with the sounds, sights and smells of a long-lost world, this is a very human history: sometimes weird, always wonderful.
— Dan Jones, bestselling author of The Plantagenets and The Templars.
Life in Medieval Europe is an absolute treat of a book - every sentence packed with thought-provoking information, and at the same time a joy to read. Danièle Cybulskie knows the medieval world like the back of her hand, and she’s the perfect guide - warm, witty, and very, very wise.
— Helen Castor, author of Joan of Arc: A History
With wit and a keen eye for the telling detail, Danièle cuts through cliches about medieval Europe. She knows her stuff! This engaging book is perfect for all who read or write novels about medieval Europe. Highly recommended!
— Candace Robb, author of The Apothecary Rose