Funny, informative, and down-to-earth, this book features thirteen of the most popular articles from's Five-Minute Medievalist, Danièle Cybulskie. Readers will learn about everything from the Templars, to popular movie myths, to love and lust advice from a 12th-century priest. Exclusive content includes two never-before-published articles on quirky medieval words we still use every day, and the surprising sexual secrets of the Middle Ages. Unlock the mysteries of the medieval world, five minutes at a time. 

“From crusading and warfare to medieval pies and sex tips, The Five-Minute Medievalist is a witty and very informative guide to the very best bits of the Middle Ages.”

— Dan Jones, BBC presenter, historian, and author of The Templars

“Sure to charm novices and hard-core medievalists alike.”

This delightful collection of essays is sure to charm novices and hard-core medievalists alike. With wit and sunny good humor, Cybulskie expertly extracts truth from the legends surrounding such diverse topics as chastity belts, meat pasties, fire arrows, and the sex lives of monks, and in so doing brings the long-ago world of the Middle Ages to life. I read the whole book in one sitting with a huge smile on my face.

Nancy Goldstone, author of The Maid and the Queen: The Secret History of Joan of Arc

“Delicious tidbits about the Middle Ages.”

Laced with humour and written in a lively and engaging style, these delicious tidbits about the Middle Ages delight and inform, making clear the many connections between this earlier age and ours.

Joanne Findon, PhD, author of Lady, Hero, Saint: The Digby Play's Mary Magdalene

“A fun and informative read.

Cybulskie’s writing also makes a more portable gift for a history buff or trivia fanatic, and a more easily distributed tool for recruiting the medievalists of the future. 

KellyAnn FitzpatrickMedievally Speaking (for the International Society for the Study of Medievalism)

“A treasure."

The best kind of history will educate and entertain you. When you are reading Danièle Cybulskie’s book, you will find that you’ve become a little bit smarter, and enjoyed the process. The Five-Minute Medievalist is a little digital treasure for those who want to know more about the Middle Ages.

 Peter Konieczny, editor, Medieval Warfare Magazine, and co-founder of

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The Five-Minute Medievalist
By Danièle Cybulskie