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Get medieval in your elementary school!

Danièle is offering two one-hour presentations for elementary schools, so that teachers may choose the one that best suits their students’ interests. Each of her presentations supports the Ontario curriculum's requirement to compare cultures in grade four, and can be enjoyed by students from grades 1-8. 

  • A Day in the Life of a Knight or a Lady
    Includes daily habits; hygiene and dress; technology; responsibility; food; and housing.

  • All About Castles
    Includes the evolution of castles; what they contained; how they were built; how they worked in peace and war; and technology.

Each of Danièle's talks includes:

  • an interactive multimedia presentation with manuscript images, photos, and videos (45 mins)

  • a question-and-answer session (15 mins)

  • historical (replica) artifacts to see, touch, hear, and smell!

Learning about the medieval world can be memorable, hands-on, inspiring, and awesome for both teachers and students. Contact Danièle today to book a presentation, and bring the Middle Ages alive for your students.

What the kids have to say:

What a teacher has to say: