Don't know your Henrys from your Edwards? Not sure if your fictional feast should feature turkey or peacock? Want to make your historical fiction the very best it can be? 

Meet your Medieval Coach


Danièle has been fielding authors' questions and helping people learn about about the Middle Ages in a fun and friendly way for over a decade. If you're working on a novel, script, graphic novel, film production, or other project, Danièle can help you give your audience a more authentic medieval experience, no matter where you are in the creative process.

Not sure what you need? No problem! Book a free 30-minute phone/Skype call to figure out how Danièle can help you best.

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Jumpstart - $75

Get a jumpstart on your research by getting Danièle to do the legwork for you. 

What you get:

  • a list of fifteen books or journal articles specific to your project
  • Danièle's notes on how each of these will help you with your project

For those who like to do their own research, but don't know where to start.

Boost - $125

Put your head together with Danièle's for a one-time consult to solve a sticky problem or answer a specific question.

What you get:

  • a one-hour phone/Skype call
  • a targeted discussion to solve a project-specific issue

For creators who prefer to do their own research, but need a one-time boost.

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Deep Dive - $250/$200/$200

A three-month deep dive into the period in which your project is set, tailor-made for your needs.

What you'll get:

  • two one-hour phone/Skype calls per month for three months
    ($250 for the first month, $200 for each of the second and third months)
  • book recommendations
  • the freedom to work out details specific to your project
  • the option to continue consultations on a month-by-month basis

For detail-oriented people mid-creation. Best value.

Epic Quest - $5/page

Have Danièle read and comment on every page or panel of your manuscript, script, or graphic novel. She'll make notes on consistency and accuracy, and suggestions on how to add more historical detail to help your creation stand out. 

What you'll get:

  • notes on every page of your project
  • two 90-minute phone or Skype calls to discuss and clarify notes

For the creator who values historical detail above just about everything else.

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