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Get medieval at your next event!

As a college professor and TEDx speaker, Danièle brings energy, knowledge, and a sense of humour to all her engagements, whether she's speaking to students, writers, or company executives. 

To find out how Danièle can use history to change lives in your corporation, club, or classroom, get in touch!

What grownups are saying: 

Danièle made the information accessible and entertaining. Love her sense of humour.
Informative session in a very ‘unstuffy’ format—lighthearted and easygoing
Danièle is an engaging speaker with a thorough knowledge of the middle ages. Please bring her back for another talk!

What kids are saying:

It was really fun to learn about a bunch of cool things ... and it helped us with our project.
— Maya, grade 4
I think it was great, wonderful, awesome, interesting, amazing, and cool!
— Jack, Grade 4
I liked all the artifacts and how she let us all hold and touch them.
— Elika, Grade 4