A New Look

One of the things I’m learning on this adventure, is how best to help you readers feel how special you are to me – to express what a big part of my life you are, and make you feel a part of the journey. Because the truth is, without you, there would be no Five-Minute Medievalist, no adventure, no dream.

A wise woman I met along the way taught me that the best way to show you is to give you a window into the process; to let you know we’re friends by opening up and lifting the curtain to let you see the person behind the words.

I’m going to be honest: before I started really doing public history full-time, I was a college instructor, a job in which letting people know too much about your personal life was often unwise and sometimes regarded as unprofessional. Starting to take and post selfies and record myself on video was a major shift for me, and took some practice and some courage. (Yes, I actually did Google how to take a proper selfie, and I’m still working on it!)

I pushed down my jitters and kept my promise to start a YouTube channel last month, although life has taught me that posting twice per week was a little too ambitious! So far, I’ve posted three videos, on three very different subjects. I’d love your input as to what you’d like to see next!

I’ve also revamped my website, taking a deep breath and using photos of me – not just of concepts – to invite you into my world. I’m hoping you find it welcoming, as I mean it to be.

Finally, I’ve added a section at the bottom of the homepage to invite you onto the journey by giving you the chance to take part. You can read this blog for my personal take, you can follow me across social media, and you can even come with me to England next year (we’re just finalizing the itinerary)! You can also take part by signing up for one of my Patreon rewards. For the cost of the cup of coffee you drink while you read my work, you can help support the work and keep it going. Have a look and see if any of the rewards catch your interest – and let me know if you’d like to see a different one!

With a new YouTube channel and a new website format (not to mention my stylin’ and very first pair of reading glasses, as you can see!) I’m trying out a whole new look. I’d love to hear what you think of the site, the videos, and the Patreon rewards! You can drop me an email, comment on YouTube, or post on Facebook or Twitter. Your feedback not only brings us together, but it also helps me bring you more of what you like. It’s win-win!

Thanks for coming with me as I learn and grow and experiment. I hope you like the new look, and that you’ll chime in with your feedback and help me make it better and better.