Circle of Joy

The beginning of April is an exciting time for me, and not only because we’ve just come off the twin delights of International Hug a Medievalist Day (March 31) and Whan That Aprille Day (April 1). Last April, I hit “Submit” and suddenly went from being a contributing writer to a bona fide author, something I had nervously dreamed about for years. To my surprise and delight, the book found an audience with more than just my parents, and I had the tremendous honour of watching it reach #2 on the Kindle store, just above A Man Called Intrepid. I was thrilled.

Turning The Five-Minute Medievalist into a book was a joy for me, not just because it was a dream come true, but because each download and each paperback showed me that other people share my love for the Middle Ages, my delight in its quirks, and even my wry sense of humour. Sharing The Five-Minute Medievalist has felt like building community, and what a wonderful feeling that is.

Lately, I’ve taken up my yoga practice once again, and often find myself following a sequence called “Circle of Joy” – a stretch that really opens up your chest and feels like magic after spending too much time in front of a computer. As I took up my pen to outline what I wanted to say in this first blog post, it occurred to me that this year itself has been a circle of joy for me – one that has taught me much, opened up new possibilities, and pushed me into some new and exciting challenges.

This April, I’m working on a new project (it’s a second book! Shhhh!) and I’d like to invite you to come with me on my journey. I’ll be posting some of the new and interesting tidbits I dig up here on this blog, as well as linking to some of the other places my writing may pop up along the way.

Spring certainly is a great time for new growth. Thanks for reading; thanks for sharing. Thanks for being a part of my circle of joy.

P.S. Please feel free to participate in a contest for a signed copy of The Five-Minute Medievalist this week, hosted by my friends at Follow this link for more information: